Accommodation at Termas de Alcafache

Casa do Banho is very close to the Alcafache Spring-Spa facilities (only 120 meters). It is one of the best places in Alcafache and it has a panoramic balcony facing the River Dão. The trees, the sound of the river, and the beautiful landscape provide an ideal place for you to relax during the holidays and to recover from the daily stress.

Casa do Banho has:

  • rooms to rent private en-suit bathroom. Some rooms have a separate living room.
  • kitchens, which are individually equipped with cutlery and TV.

Location of Casa do Banho
R. Fonte dos Amores, 4,
3530-026, Termas de Alcafache

40°36’19″N 7°52’09″W


Dr. Lino Martins Pinto
Enf. Maria Bertilina de A. A. Pinto

+351 22 971 86 41
+351 93 845 02 92 

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Address for reservations:

R. Nossa Sr.ª do Bom Despacho,120
4445-526 Ermesinde, Portugal

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